Infinity Skin Care is excited to feature new SkinBetter Science products! Cutting edge science is the driving force behind each unique formulation by SkinBetter Science! The research and development team has sought out breakthrough innovation from all corners of the world to deliver the clinical efficacy essential to visible skin rejuvenation, with safety as a top priority, to create a brand that inspires trust.

Visible results are delivered through products that exceed expectations. Our formulas not only deliver measurable benefits, but also treat you to a sumptuous and pampering sensorial experience. The science inside each bottle is developed with a single goal: to deliver radiant, youthful skin that reflects the beauty of science.

The SkinBetter Science team has developed a revolutionary no-needle approach to delivering ingredients that normally cannot pass through the skin’s defensive barrier. InterFuse is a breakthough skin penetration technology that transports large ingredients topically, utilizing a trans-barrier lipid system. This patented and unique technology delivers skin improving ingredients faster and deeper to where they are most needed.

Rejuvenate with SkinBetter Science!
Power up your skincare with our simple to follow guide:

For deep expression lines
Intensive Treatment Lines
Apply to clean, dry skin as the first step of your skincare regimen

For skin sagging, lines and wrinkles
Daily Treatment Cream FACE
May be applied following Intensive Treatment LINES

For lines, wrinkles, uneven tone and texture
AlphaRet™ Overnight Cream FACE
Intensive AlphaRet Overnight Cream FACE
May be applice following Intensive Treatment LINES

For crow’s feet, wrinkles, puffiness, under eye darkness
Daily Treatment Cream EYE
May be applied following Intensive Treatment LINES

Now featuring the SkinBetter® REFRESH COLLECTION:

  • Refresh Daily Enzyme Cleanser
  • Refresh Detoxifying Scrub Mask
  • Refresh Hydration Boosting Cream
  • Refresh Oxygen Infusion Wash
  • Refresh Trio Kit - Retail $150 (Scrub Mask, Enzyme Cleanser, Boosting Cream)

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